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Thursday, October 06, 2011
2 Months Old!
Can't believe my baby is 2 months old already! This was taken on Sunday, just after he got out of the bath - what's been one of his few happy moments lately.

I am so not used to having a fussy baby and it's been so draining! It seems like the only time he's happy is if he's sleeping or having a pacifier held in his mouth.  He is such a little sweetheart, but definitely has furthered convinced me that Asher should have been the poster child for the easiest baby in the world. Here's hoping it's a stage he grows out of, because all this crying is breaking my heart. What's ironic, is that he doesn't fuss quite as much when we're out and about and my consolation prize is that he's always been a great sleeper at night, which might explain why he hardly ever naps during the daytime.

We joined the Y last week and I'm so ready to start working out! Two back to back pregnancies has definitely taken a toll on my body and I sure have packed on the pounds. I'm also super excited to start working out just to have a little time to myself every day. The kicker is that since Atley has been so fussy and inconsolable unless someone holds him while holding the pacifier in his mouth (he can't keep it in on his own), I can't really take the kids in and put them in the childcare. Since I know he can't be held the entire time with all the other kids in there, it would only be a short few minutes before I was paged over the intercom to come calm him down, which defeats the purpose of trying to work out, so we've yet to make it to the Y.  Thankfully, the weather  has been beautiful so we've been taking some nice long walks every day, which actually beats going to the gym anyway.

On to other news, we've started to live life again. Went to a chili cook off on Friday night, had friends over for dinner on Saturday and then visited the botanical gardens on Sunday. Despite our fussy little guy, we're starting to get the hang of juggling two kids. I'm sure once Atley gets to the age where he has a specific nap time and routine though all that will change and we'll be back to never leaving the house  again between both of the kids nap times.

For now though, we're enjoying life and getting out as much as possible while life and the weather permits it.  Happy Fall everyone!

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