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Monday, July 25, 2011
Weekend in PIctures
It was a busy, busy weekend. Mostly due in part to the fact that I have been a nesting fool for the last few days. Most of Saturday was spent doing projects around the house. Steve was such a trooper and so helpful. I think he knew I was on the brink of crazy, so he didn't want to upset me.

Saturday night we hosted an East Side Brat Fest and had a bunch of friends over. Everyone brought their favorite brats and we grilled them all up and sampled away. My favorite was the Chicken and Gouda Cheese Sausage (yes, I know, technically not a "brat")....it did come with some killer heartburn though.

Sunday I was in full on crazy mode, yet again. We arrived at church at saw this in the parking lot:

It made me smile.

We came home and I realized just how exhausted I was. Did I mention that not only have I not been sleeping well, but our little guy seems to be getting some molars in? Yep, on Friday night alone I was up with him for 3 hours in the middle of the night. So not the kind of "rest" I was hoping to get just before having a baby.

So, back to Sunday, we got home from church, I put Ash down for a nap, sat down on the couch and woke up an hour later after a very deep sleep. I literally felt like I was drugged because I felt so tired and out of it.  Good thing I had an afternoon pick me up.
After drinking some coffee, crazy nesting lady was back. I setup the pack and play for the new baby and our living room was instantly transformed into what looked like a home daycare. 
I'm so not liking this look. Yes, we really do need two pack & plays. Because our stairs are so weird and unsafe, we haven't been able to find any kind of baby gate that will work to keep Asher off of them, so the only thing that has seemed to work is to put the blue pack & play in front of them. Yes, it looks tacky, but I'd rather be safe. The problem is, that Asher has learned how to move the pack & play, so we put the second one in the corner for the new baby so he can't get to it. Hopefully this one won't be in our living room to long, just until I feel well enough after my c-section to be walking up the stairs a million times a day again. It was really handy when we had Asher to just let him nap on the main floor where we spend most of our time at the beginning, so we figured two pack & plays was the best solution to our problem at this point. Good thing they're rather inexpensive, because otherwise I would not be so happy about shelling out the money for a second one since it probably won't get all that much use.

We ended our weekend having dinner out with a friend. After dinner we stopped by to get some coffee on our way home and I had an encounter with a woman who obviously had never been pregnant, nor knew anyone that had. Either that, or she just didn't have any common courtesy. After hearing her exclaim that I must be carrying twins because I was just so huge, I then got to hear all about how irresponsible I was for ordering 4 shots of espresso over ice. She only stopped her rant once I interrupted her and told her that I was ordering for my husband who was waiting out in the car for us and that I actually wasn't getting anything to drink at all. Way to end the night on a sour note, but Alice and I got a laugh on the way home about all of the things I could have said in response to the rudeness. Let's just say, I'm glad I chose the higher route, because I've found that I can really be quite mean at the end of pregnancy if I want to be.

Monday's here and this baby might be here soon to! I've been up since 3 am and have had regular contractions for a few hours. They stopped for awhile, but I'm feeling pretty tired and strangely sick. I'm heading into the doctor in awhile, so we'll see what she has to say. I'm still holding out for August 5th, but I'm starting to realize that I may be unrealistic to think this baby might stay in there that long. I'm still hoping though!

Here's to the start of what will be a (hopefully) great week! I'm just trying to stay positive around here!
For now though, it's off to the doctor I go! I might just bring my bag for the hospital (that I packed in my nesting frenzy) for the big "just in case."


Blogger Charisa said...

Is that a picnic table on top of that car?!?

Nice job holding your tongue with that horrible woman. I'm not sure I could've done the same! :)

Good luck at the doctor! Excited for you guys!

Blogger Chrystal's Corner said...

Isaiah is getting his molars right now too and was up 3 nights in a row from 3:30 to 5:00. I can't imagine trying to do that 9 months pregnant, you poor thing.
I am proud of you for taking the high road with that lady. You deserve extra points for being able to do that while this pregnant! I had a teenage barista lecture me about my latte once when I was pregnant with my first. "I would NEVER drink caffeine if I was pregnant. That is must horrible!" I just shook my head because she had no idea.
Can't wait to hear about the arrival of #2! I had my first two 13 months apart and while it was trying it times it has turned into such a blessing as they have grown into amazing friends:)

Anonymous dawn said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Take it easy momma, all that action might be why you're having those contractions! :)

Blogger ..Jenny said...

Yep, it's a picnic table! Our church is next door to a driving school, so a disgruntled driving student must have taken out their rage on one of the student driver cars.

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