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Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Oh Thanksgiving, why do you hate me?
Yes, it's been almost an entire month since I've posted. A lot has happened, but most of it's all boring stuff.

The good news is that none of us spent this Thanksgiving in the hospital. The bad news is that it was still the second most horrible Thanksgiving ever (last year was the #1 champion).

We got food poisoning. Yep, Steve and I both. It was brutal. We spent Thanksgiving night, all of Friday and part of Saturday throwing up. Caring for 2 children when both parents are sick is probably the hardest task in the entire world. Let's just say, we're "thankful" that Thanksgiving is over.

The kids didn't skip a beat though, and on the up side, we didn't have to worry about gaining any Thanksgiving weight around here!


Blogger Kavys said...

Oh Jenny, I'm so sorry you guys were sick :( I hope that Christmas is better! Love you and miss you!!
:) Sara

Blogger Chrystal's Corner said...

Oh no! You know, the worst day of our life as a family was the day Jeremy and I were both sick with the flu when our first two sons were 6 months and 18 months (oh, and they were sick too!). We have decided if we could live through that, we could make it through anything! Hope your Christmas is drama free:)

Blogger Jason Gosseck said...

Great blog...


Anonymous Cassandra said...

I can't help to smile seeing the picture of this two adorable children. Very cute indeed! Thanks!

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